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Axiom ax-eqtypri 80
Description: Deduce equality of types from equality of expressions. (This is unnecessary but eliminates a lot of hypotheses.) (New usage is discouraged.) (Contributed by Mario Carneiro, 7-Oct-2014.)
Ref Expression
eqtypri.1 |- A:al
eqtypri.2 |- R |= [B = A]
Ref Expression
ax-eqtypri |- B:al

Detailed syntax breakdown of Axiom ax-eqtypri
StepHypRef Expression
1 hal . 2 type al
2 tb . 2 term B
31, 2wffMMJ2t 12 1 wff B:al
Colors of variables: type var term
This axiom is referenced by:  eqtypri  81
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