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Created by Mario Carneiro

Higher-Order Logic Proof Explorer

Higher-Order Logic (Wikipedia [accessed 12-Jul-2015], Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy [accessed 12-Jul-2015]) is an alternative approach to predicate logic that is distinguished from first-order logic by additional quantifiers and a stronger semantics. It is also called simple type theory. A nice introduction can be found in William Farmer's "The Seven Virtues of Simple Type Theory" [accessed 12-Jul-2015].

Contents of this page
  • Overview of type theory
  • The axioms
  • Some theorems
  • Bibliography
  • Related pages
  • Table of Contents and Theorem List
  • Bibliographic Cross-Reference
  • Definition List
  • ASCII Equivalents for Text-Only Browsers
  • Metamath database (ASCII file)
  • External links
  • Github repository [accessed 12-Jul-2015]

  • Overview of type theory

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    The axioms

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    Some theorems
  • Proof of the ZF Axiom of Extensionality
  • Proof of the ZF Axiom of Replacement
  • Proof of the ZF Axiom of Power Sets
  • Proof of the ZF Axiom of Union

  • Bibliography   
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