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Theorem mathbox 30222
Description: (This theorem is a dummy placeholder for these guidelines. The label of this theorem, "mathbox", is hard-coded into the Metamath program to identify the start of the mathbox section for web page generation.)

A "mathbox" is a user-contributed section that is maintained by its contributor independently from the main part of

For contributors:

By making a contribution, you agree to release it into the public domain, according to the statement at the beginning of

Mathboxes are provided to help keep your work synchronized with changes in while allowing you to work independently without affecting other contributors. Even though in a sense your mathbox belongs to you, it is still part of the shared body of knowledge contained in, and occasionally other people may make maintenance edits to your mathbox for things like keeping it synchronized with the rest of, reducing proof lengths, moving your theorems to the main part of when needed, and fixing typos or other errors. If you want to preserve it the way you left it, you can keep a local copy or keep track of the GitHub commit number.


1. See conventions 28182 for our general style guidelines. For contributing via GitHub, see 28182. The Metamath program command "verify markup *" will check that you have followed many of of the conventions we use.

2. If at all possible, please use only nullary class constants for new definitions, for example as in df-div 11301.

3. Each $p and $a statement must be immediately preceded with the comment that will be shown on its web page description. The Metamath program "MM> WRITE SOURCE / REWRAP" command will take care of indentation conventions and line wrapping.

4. All mathbox content will be on public display and should hopefully reflect the overall quality of the website.

5. Mathboxes must be independent from one another (checked by "verify markup *"). If you need a theorem from another mathbox, typically it is moved to the main part of New users should consult with more experienced users before doing this.

6. If a contributor is no longer active, we will continue the usual maintenance edits. As time goes on, often theorems will be moved to main or removed in favor of similar replacements. But we are also willing to maintain mathboxes in place, as work by others from years ago may form the foundation of future work; you could even argue that all of mathematics is like that.

7. For theorems of importance (for example, a Metamath 100 theorem or a dependency of one), we prefer to eventually move them out of mathboxes (although a mathbox is perfectly appropriate as proofs are being developed and refined). (Contributed by NM, 20-Feb-2007.) (Revised by the Metamath team, 9-Sep-2023.) (Proof modification is discouraged.) (New usage is discouraged.)

Ref Expression
mathbox.1 𝜑
Ref Expression
mathbox 𝜑

Proof of Theorem mathbox
StepHypRef Expression
1 mathbox.1 1 𝜑
Colors of variables: wff setvar class
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