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Syntax Definition cafv 43201
Description: Extend the definition of a class to include the value of a function. Read: "the value of 𝐹 at 𝐴 " or "𝐹 of 𝐴". In a previous version, the symbol " ' " was used. However, since the similarity with the symbol used for the current definition of a function's value (see df-fv 6362), which, by the way, was intended to visualize that in many cases and " ' " are exchangeable, makes reading the theorems, especially those which uses both definitions as dfafv2 43216, very difficult, 3 apostrophes ''' are used now so that it's easier to distinguish from df-fv 6362 and df-ima 5567. And not three backticks ( three times ) since that would be annoying to escape in a comment. (See remark of Norman Megill and Gerard Lang at 5567).
Ref Expression
cA class 𝐴
cF class 𝐹
Ref Expression
cafv class (𝐹'''𝐴)

See definition df-afv 43204 for more information.

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